Sam was studying Building Construction at Virginia Tech at the time and had gotten some advice from a professor. In the summer of 2015 Sam got Mitch Malcolm’s contact information and reached out about a potential part-time internship over the course of The Retreat at Blacksburg project.

One day Sam went out to the 46-acre site to meet with the construction team. They decided he would be a good fit for the position. Sam was on the project from start to finish – from moving dirt all the way through getting the Certificate of Occupancy.

Timeline Year: 2015

The incentive to get field experience led Sam to alter his class schedule in order to maximize his time on site. It was an incredibly opportunity to pair the hands-on experience he was getting on the job with the knowledge he was receiving in the classroom.

Timeline Year: 2016

While finishing up the last few classes to receive his degree, Sam was able to assist on a second project. The Retreat at Harrisonburg experience was structed more like a traditional internship. Sam was able to work on a lot of different tasks that helped develop both his field and admin related office responsibilities.

Timeline Year: 2017

Sam graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Building Construction with a Minor in Real Estate.

Timeline Year: 2017

Sam moved to Tampa, FL and accepted a full-time position with Landmark as an Assistant Project Manager.

Timeline Year: 2017

Five years and multiple successful projects after that summer day, Sam is now a Project Manager with Landmark’s Urban Construction team and is extremely grateful for his internship and opportunity to grow within the company after accepting a full-time position.

Timeline Year: 2020