Dedicated To Excellence

In order to consistently deliver our clients high-quality, on-budget projects, we develop a detailed game plan to determine what will happen, when, and by whom. Landmark Construction focuses on making our strategic decisions early in our process, this helps us go beyond our client’s expectations while eliminating any surprises.

Meet Our Team



At Landmark Construction, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional construction solutions that precisely align with our clients’ needs. Our seasoned team of professionals specializes in transforming visions into reality, with expertise spanning high-rise, mid-rise, podium wrap, and cottage style buildings. Committed to the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship, we ensure precision, durability, and compliance with industry regulations in every project phase. Embracing the latest technologies and sustainable practices, we integrate innovation into our construction process, optimizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. Our projects stand as testaments to our unwavering commitment to excellence in construction.


Virtual Design & Construction

The Landmark Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team empowers our project teams to elevate project outcomes by aligning people, processes, and construction technology. Leveraging a combination of proven and emerging technologies, VDC takes a proactive approach to identify design, constructability, and operational issues. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, potential conflicts and issues are mitigated throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in enhanced jobsite quality and significant cost and schedule savings.



Landmark’s Scheduling team plays a pivotal role in construction projects, utilizing expertise in planning and scheduling to create detailed baseline construction schedules. They collaborate closely with project teams, ensuring alignment with contractual timelines in the planning phases. The team excels at planning, tracking progress, forecasting critical paths, and analyzing schedules to identify and proactively mitigate potential impacts or delays, contributing to the timely completion of projects.



At Landmark Construction, our commitment to operational excellence is unwavering. Harnessing the power of leading industry software such as Procore, Building Connected, and Primavera, we set a high standard for efficiency and precision. Our dedicated Operations team serves as the backbone, providing comprehensive support to all construction departments. This ensures a seamless and consistent execution of projects, reflecting our dedication to delivering top-tier results.


Our Preconstruction team is the engine that drives project success from the ground up. We specialize in early concept cost projections and studies, offering crucial insights to enhance project viability. We navigate the complexities of due diligence, securing vital reports post-PSA execution and managing civil engineering teams for a seamless transition from concept design to permitting. Throughout the preconstruction phase, we collaborate harmoniously with our in-house development, design, and construction departments, ensuring efficient budget management, precise scheduling, thorough constructability reviews, and a smooth buyout process. Our dedicated focus lays the foundation for a successful project handover to our construction team.


Learning & Development Department

Landmark Construction’s learning and development program is designed to sculpt the company’s skill landscape, by fostering innovation, mastery, and a culture of excellence through personalized, engaging and results-driven training experiences. We are shaping the future of construction by empowering our employees with the tools they need to excel in an ever-changing environment.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Management

At Landmark Construction, safety is part of our foundational practices. The safeguarding of our greatest asset – our people – is accomplished through proactive measures and continuous support. Together, we ensure a secure and healthy environment aligned with industry standards, fostering a workplace where our build teams and partners are provided the knowledge and tools needed to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable work environment.



Landmark’s Design team is the creative force behind our projects, optimizing early concept designs and partnering with preconstruction and construction teams to manage architectural and engineering teams for project CD generation. Simultaneously, the amenity design team cultivates relationships with interior design and landscape teams, ensuring a cohesive and elevated experience across projects, brand campaigns, and future brand initiatives. Their expertise shapes not only the physical aspects of our developments but also contributes to the overall brand identity and user experience.

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3rd Party

Within Landmark Construction, our 3rd Party Construction Management Division takes pride in orchestrating successful outcomes for our projects, prioritizing quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With a dedicated focus on delivering exceptional results, our team collaborates seamlessly to exceed expectations and ensure the overall success of every endeavor.