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A Letter From Our CEO & President

Landmark Properties is one of the largest owners, developers, acquirers, and operators of student housing communities across the United States and is now making inroads into the build-to-rent and multifamily sectors. Being cognizant of how sustainability impacts our communities, our employees, and our residents, along with the broader environment and world, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has always been a component of Landmark’s business plans and a point of pride for our operations.

As part of our continued focus on ESG, we are proud to present our 2022 ESG Report and share details of our accomplishments, activities, and new commitments.

This report demonstrates our initiative to advancing our ESG efforts and continues our practices of investing thoughtfully and responsibly in our employees and communities while maintaining our relationships of trust with our investors and lenders, suppliers and vendors, and residents.

Landmark never rests in our pursuit of excellence, and we aim to be a leader in ESG across our residential verticals and within the operations of our business. In 2022, Landmark developed a five-year ESG Integration Plan known as our ESG Pillars, which targets specific sustainability goals and objectives and further advances and enhances our ESG strategy as an organization.

January 2023

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Landmark ESG Pillars

Landmark Properties has an organizational commitment to integrating ESG practices and policies across our properties, teams, and communities. Landmark Properties recognizes that sustainability is critical to long-term success and maintaining long-term value for all stakeholders. Therefore, we have taken steps to begin integrating ESG into Landmark’s business and investment strategies.

The scope of our ESG integration efforts is constructed on four pillars, People/Culture, Community Impact, Environmental Stewardship, and Governance.

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Landmark Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout our ESG efforts, Landmark has been intentional about engaging stakeholders, including residents, employees, and investors.

Resident Engagement

Our resident stakeholders are engaged through philanthropic and DE&I programming in every market. Each of our Landmark communities must complete two philanthropic events per semester and one event focused on equity and inclusion per semester.

Our new resident-focused Landmark Lifts program offers financial literacy programming that residents will be able to attend at their community, as well as an optional program that reports on-time rent payments to credit bureaus with the aim of improving resident credit scores.

Employee Involvement

During our initial integration phase, Landmark empowered employee-run ESG Committees to identify opportunities for sustainability action items. These grass-roots recommendations, accompanied by executive support, are now executed by stakeholders from various departments across the company. Landmark’s ESG Governance Committee meets regularly with department leaders to assess progress toward our goals.

Stakeholder Support

Landmark’s investors play a strong supporting role in our sustainable business strategy as we work toward the development of ESG goals across our portfolio. Our stakeholder partnership ensures long-term value as we address the needs of environmental, social, and financial systems our business operates within.

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